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VMS Software Inc. Oracle Rdb

September / October / November 2017.

Oracle RDB Forum 2017 (Nashua - Stockholm - Vienna - London - Utrecht - Paris - Sydney - Redwood Shores).

This year’s event held sessions from Oracle, VMS Software Inc., HPE, Intel and XDelta, among others. If you use Oracle products on OpenVMS (or even if you don’t) it is an event worth attending to obtain the latest information regarding what is happening with OpenVMS.

Connect - an HP User Group VMS Software Inc. HP OpenVMS

Sunday 24th September 2017 to Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Westford MA, USA

OpenVMS Advanced Technical Symposium 2017

OpenVMS is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The premier OpenVMS event took place in Westford Massachusetts (USA) towards the end of September 2017. The OpenVMS "bootcamp" is a key event for OpenVMS people with 3 days of multiple tracks focused entirely on OpenVMS. The quality of this event cannot be overstated and we recommend that it should be on everyone’s "to do" list.


Monday 16th January 2017 from 19:00 to 21:00 - BCS Cheltenham & Gloucester

Seminar - "Systems performance engineering"

This session covered the principles governing systems performance when designing and trouble-shooting systems and their associated infrastructure.

There are a wide range of issues to be considered, especially those affecting throughput, response times, scalability and availability. Performance is not something that can always be dealt with by system tuning or simply buying bigger hardware. Performance issues frequently result in systems failing in some form or other, which affects availability and causes disruption to service.

Understanding the characteristics that govern performance helps us to design and implement better systems.

VMS Software Inc.

September 2016

VMS Software Inc. - Why move to VMS Software OpenVMS ?

As part of XDelta's commitment to the VMS Software Professional Services Alliance, Colin Butcher recorded a 20 minute talk for VMS Software about the business aspects of OpenVMS and why it makes sense to migrate to VMS Software OpenVMS.

VMS Software Inc. Oracle Rdb

September / October 2016

Oracle Rdb Forum 2016

Colin Butcher recorded a 45 minute talk for the world-wide Oracle Rdb Forum sessions about planning your move to VMS Software OpenVMS V8.4-2 and later.

VMS Software Inc.

April 2016, Bolton (MA, USA) and Bristol (UK)

Announcement: VMS Software and XDelta strategic alliance.

VMS Software Inc. and XDelta Limited have agreed to form a strategic alliance to support OpenVMS customers in UK and Europe as part of VMS Software's Professional Services Alliance.

For further information, please contact:

XDelta Limited:
Steve Jones, Sales and Marketing
Phone: +44 117 904 8209
Web: www.xdelta.co.uk
VMS Software Inc.:
Terry Holmes, VP Sales and Marketing
Phone: +1 978 451 0110
Web: www.vmssoftware.com
VMS Software Inc. HP OpenVMS

31st July 2014, Bolton, MA, USA.

HP and VMS Software Inc. announce future plans for OpenVMS.

The newly founded VMS Software Inc. has new versions of OpenVMS on their roadmap.

HP has granted an exclusive development licence for OpenVMS on Integrity to VMS Software. This covers the Integrity Server code base only, not the Alpha or VAX code bases.

The new VMS Software roadmaps promise existing OpenVMS customers a potentially easier future than being forced to migrate to alternative platforms with little time to make the transition. Customers will need to purchase new OpenVMS licences from VMS Software in order to run VMS Software developed versions of OpenVMS. The existing HP OpenVMS roadmaps remain unchanged if customers choose to stay with existing versions of OpenVMS from HP.

VMS Software intend to produce a release of OpenVMS V8.4 to support the current "Poulson" based -i4 family of Integrity Servers (rx2800-i4, bl860c-i4, bl870c-i4 and bl890c-i4). Before they can do so, they need time to create the development and test environments. They also need time to review the current code base and ensure that it meets traditional OpenVMS quality standards.

After "Poulson", VMS Software intend to produce a release of OpenVMS to support the next generation "Kittson" based family of Integrity Servers.

VMS Software also intend to port OpenVMS to x86 hardware. This is likely to take some time, but the team they intend to bring on board are undoubtedly capable of getting the job done. After all, many of them did the Alpha to Integrity port and they now have a point to prove!

The choice of Eddie Orcutt as Technical Director is excellent. As a former OpenVMS Ambassador and systems architect for business critical systems, he has a clear understanding of what a customer needs and expects.

Having Sue Skonetski lead customer engagement is also excellent - after all, who else could you choose?

I wish the VMS Software team well and I hope it becomes a commercial success. We look forward to working with them.

Colin Butcher, Technical Director, XDelta Limited.