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OpenVMS systems and hardware platforms

OpenVMS runs on VAX, Alpha, and Integrity platforms and is currently being ported to the x86-64 platform by VMS Software Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) provide support for versions of OpenVMS up to V8.4 on Alpha and Integrity Servers (up to the -i2 family) and the associated HPE layered products.

VMS Software Inc. are actively developing OpenVMS and provide support for their version of OpenVMS and layered products on Integrity Servers and on Alpha. The current version from VMS Software is V8.4-2L1 for HPE Integrity Servers and AlphaServers, with a V8.4-2L2 "performance release" for Alpha architecture EV6 and later.

VMS Software Inc.

OpenVMS systems - Consulting, Integration, Help & Support

We work with and teach all aspects of OpenVMS systems, including migration between OpenVMS platforms and from OpenVMS to other platforms:

We have an outstanding record of excellence, especially with complex high-availability systems and real-time systems.

John Wisniewski Spirit award

Learn from the experts

We provide systems engineering consulting and technical education in all aspects of OpenVMS systems. This can be as part of a project that we undertake, or as a separate exercise specifically tailored to meet your needs. We have a range of systems and equipment that can be configured in a safe lab-style environment to maximise the hands-on practical aspects of learning.

Colin has been extensively involved in teaching OpenVMS related topics at events such as the OpenVMS advanced technical symposium (aka "OpenVMS bootcamp") in Nashua. He was presented with the "Ambassador Spirit Award" at the HP OpenVMS advanced technical symposium in June 2005. Many of the slide sets and webinars are available on-line at the XDelta - Seminars and Events page.

The Ambassador Spirit Award (2004 to 2009), originally known as the John Wisniewski Spirit Award.

VMS Engineering created this award in 2004 in memory of a larger-than-life guy called John Wisniewski. The award ceased when OpenVMS Engineering was moved from Nashua. John Wisniewski was a well-known and passionate OpenVMS expert who poured huge amounts of energy into his teaching, writing and consulting work. He was the guy who started the OpenVMS Hobbyist programme and who trounced all-comers at DEFCON with an impregnable OpenVMS system.

Recipients are: Brian Schenkenberger (2004), Colin Butcher (2005), Dave Cathey (2006), Ian Miller (2007), Volker Halle (2008), Sue Skonetski (2009).

Colin was presented with the John Wisniewski Spirit Award in 2005 by Ann McQuaid (head of HP OpenVMS Engineering) at the HP OpenVMS Symposium in June 2005. This award from peers and colleagues within the VMS community around the world recognises the outstanding contribution, quality and value of his work over many years.

On a more personal note - it came as a huge surprise and it is a wonderful thing to have received. Thank you.

Involve us

Many large customers have moved their business critical applications to Integrity Server systems. However, many AlphaServer systems are still running business critical operations. A surprisingly large number of VAXes are also still running business critical operations.

We have a wealth of experience in designing, building and supporting OpenVMS based systems. We understand the issues involved with porting applications between the different platforms. We understand the issues involved with migrating to alternative platforms.

We’re here to help you do things well for yourselves. Make use of our expertise. That’s what sets us apart from the competition.

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