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OpenVMS migration - why xdelta - view from HPE

OpenVMS systems migration

"OpenVMS is a very capable operating system which many organisations have exploited to the full."

Migrating mission critical OpenVMS systems requires an appropriate level of care and attention. The applications and system platforms are generally purpose-specific to achieve the necessary levels of availability, performance and security. Minimising the risk of outage requires meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the whole system and its environment. We’re here to help you migrate successfully with minimal disruption.

XDelta leads a consortium of the best in class specialists to provide you with the range of skills and tools needed to solve the many challenges of migrating OpenVMS systems without disruption. We bring exemplary technical leadership, strategic planning and project direction to all our work. In 2009 Gartner identified XDelta as one of few companies world-wide capable of OpenVMS migration projects.

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."

Henry Ford

We have a reputation for excellence and unbiased advice, as you can see from the "Choosing the way forward" webinar introduction slide (reproduced with permission from HPE). The key points are:

Systems engineering

Planning and designing a complete systems migration is far from simple. Most bespoke applications are tightly integrated with OpenVMS and the surrounding systems infrastructure.

Our software engineering skills and experience of OpenVMS systems and infrastructure will benefit you by providing a thorough assessment of your best route forward. Good software engineering practices will make the migration less difficult and will reduce long term costs of maintenance and change.

Clarity of purpose